Monday, October 6, 2008

Why Democracy is seldom questioned?

I don’t feel like writing anything today. What’s the use of writing about myself. There’s nothing that’s different from others. The routine and its fate is the same all through. Going to work, coming back home and sleeping thereafter. However, I never stop dreaming; dreaming about an ideal country, an ideal family and an ideal personal life. Things can be achieved on a personal basis; however it becomes difficult when it comes to a society or a country, which comprises of numerous people. It’s not only difficult then but seemingly impossible too.

I just saw a debate on the television. I feel a bit irritated and depressed. There’s politicization of Jamia Nagar’s encounter on one hand and violence in Kandhamal on the other. I feel so deep hatred for the ones engrossed in this heinous crime. Sometimes I even hate that I exist. And the result of all this angst is today’s post. I earlier didn’t feel like writing but thought of releasing my frustration through posting this.

Violence, rape and exploitation are things that no one can give logics for. Neither can it be justified. A community’s or an individual’s act of violence should be immediately punished. When this doesn’t happen the democracy’s questioned. Today, the country is united but still divided and the reasons being violence, language, caste and creed. And we still go to work, come back home and go to sleep. But there are some people who make you feel that things would be fine. And it’s because of these people that there seems a light. Earlier, the democracy was questioned but these days it’s being questioned regularly due to one or the other reasons. The need of the hour is that we as people should consider ourselves a part of this society and country and move together. Religion, region and language shouldn’t be paid much heed. Being a human and belonging to a country should be the supreme.
I just wanted to take out my frustration.

With this….

Manoj Bajpayee


Unknown said...

Mr.Manoj Bajpayee,I went through your postings here..Actually i think that u r not acquaint about the blogs and its use that why the celebrities made this.You have merely posted here about your outlooks & opinions ,but actually it is made to get in touch with your fans and let interact with them and do respond them according to there question & views and offcourse u should also impart your views at the same time.I have found that you only wrote all the postings as per you, and no any response personaly or generally to your fans & there questions.I know may be your system will delete my comments but indeed its true and try to know the exact meaning of Blog then i hope u will sure interact with your fans and respond them according to there question.( i m sorry if it sounds to you sarcastic).
Never mind,its just a advice to u from Dr.Rashmi 32 years old female at Boston.( U.S.)..Although i m not your fan as i dont like u except acting but if u start it by this way will be good for your fans & winning there hearts.
Dr.Rashmi Pundir Singh

I Think said...

Dear Manoj jee,
I like the way you think, it reminds me a lot of the common man. You are not one, but you sure haven't lost touch with ground zero. You get irritated by by situations & are not afraid to voice it out. I like it.You are intelligent & humane.....rare combination.


aaadietya said...

Dear Manoj,

Its nice to see some talented Actor blogging not just to promote himself but express his views on everything.

I was a bit surprised to see two 'e' at the end of your name.

May be this was done recently by someone who suggested you to add the name to Number 42 which is number 6 - the number of Venus, which MUST boost your Film Career.

But if i am not mistaken you are born on April 23.Hence the name MANOJJ Bajpai would be a better option. I believe that making any changes to the surname is useless unless and until you are quite popular with the same.

I was reading your posts and the effect of Sould Number 7 is clearly visible. You cannot Flatter at all and you love to be straight to the point which is not liked by most.

Wikipedia mentions the following about you "Despite being one of the most talented and critically acclaimed actors in India, Manoj Bajpai has not been able to enjoy much commercial success."

I wish you a commercial success too.

with best wishes,

Aaadietya Pandey
(astro - numerologist)

(To know more about me just type "Aaadietya" on Google)

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paras said...

I would disagree with rashmi Manoj , Dont worry about what she says write what you think you should an pick a topic wisely and say.Try some tools to make your blog more popular. But if you want it to be a marketing stuff like Mr. Amitabh then please dont ry writing a blog. It is not a medium to increse your fans as ORkut or Facbook can easily do that. Blog concept starts when some body wants or feels like writing about some topic and the knowledge or opinions he should share. Unfortunately I dont like the Amitabh's bachans blog as He unfortunately belongs to Kayasth community which I am also a part off. Anyways best of luck Paras Saxena