Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy to prove myself…

These days I often visit Hyderabad. Hyderabad has the Telugu film industry and people there start working from 7 in the morning. My friend and actor Ashish Vidyarthi is actively busy with Telugu films and according to him children in Andhra Pradesh are made to work hard since childhood and the Telugu industry is no exception. People in Mumbai are professional too but working in Telugu film was a new experience for me altogether. It seemed like I had never worked so hard before. My directors were happy with my work and I felt like I proved myself on their standards of hard work.

I’m busy with my continuous shooting schedule these days. I leave for work at 6.30 and reach my hotel at around 8 PM. This is followed by a one and a half hour exercise regime in the gym, so by 9 I’m in my hotel again. After this I meet up with my fellow stars from Mumbai staying in the same hotel, dine with them and go to bed at around 11. This is my current daily schedule.

I also went to Mumbai for two days. ‘Acid Factory’ is releasing on 3rd October and its promotion/publicity work has been laid before media. After several weeks of hard work, all the actors of the film were together in this event and it was great meeting them after such a long time. The venue was Sanjay Gupta’s home and everyone stayed back late till 3 AM even after the program was over; no one wanted to go back! After watching the film, everyone was satisfied with the outcome and I think this adds to the experience of making a film.

The promos of the film will be on air in a week or two. I assure you that if you want to enjoy a clean thriller: ‘Acid Factory’ is the film. The decision however lies in your discretion. I’ll be with you to share my experiences all through.

Till then
Manoj Bajpayee


Anonymous said...

I am 110% sure about the success.
Rigorous marketing - always helpful someway or other.
Congrats in advance - The Team.

vivek said...

hi manoj ji.......bas itna kehna tha ki jis desh me 2008 me hi malaria se 40000 log mar gaye.....tb,chicken pox...even common flu(600 log marte hain har saal) ki to koi ginti na ho....aur tab sarkar media kuch nahi karti....ab swine flu par poora media ,sarkar....parshan hain.....aisa kyo......?