Friday, August 28, 2009

Shooting at night…

It has been a long time since we talked last, so I thought of having a chat with you all. The latest news around these days is about internal conflicts in parties and Salman Khan buying an IPL team; and I am sufficiently bored of watching news on T.V now. So, I sleep. You may think that I’m out of work or something of that sort.

Actually, these days I am shooting in Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad, which is an hour and a half away from the city and there’s nothing in the vicinity except the studio. The studio has two good hotels where one stays when not shooting. So, there’s nothing else to do. I am waiting for my shooting call and in the meanwhile watching T.V also. I also am waiting for the Acid Factory’s promos to air on TV.

I just spoke to the director of Acid Factory and he told me about a song being aired on a channel. In the next three-four days it’s probable that other promos are telecast. I am excited. My excitement is also because we shot the film in the same Ramoji Rao Studios for around a month and enjoyed it a lot.

Squandering here reminded me of those days. I have seen the film myself and think that it gives a full dose of entertainment. It’s a fast entertainer and I liked the film. Now it’s for you to decide how the film is. I won’t say anything further else I’ll be accused of promoting my film on this blog.

I’ll have to go to Bhopal in a few days time for Rajneeti’s shooting and I am so eagerly waiting for this. Also, I am waiting to meet Vijay, my friend of old times. Bhopal is a small but a very beautiful city. I have done some shooting there before and it’ll be exciting to go back again.

These days I am shooting at night and I extremely dislike shooting at night, whatsoever. No matter how much I try to get my director to wind up my work by 12-1 AM, I get no success. The directors somehow fail to understand that I can’t continue to be efficient and energetic at night. This has been a problem with me since I can remember but a commitment is a commitment after all. So be it.

Today I’ll have to stay awake at night again and this is already giving me shivers. I am now waiting for my director’s call.
With this….
Manoj Bajpayee.


Anonymous said...

Waiting to watch promos.
Goodluck !

vikas pandey said...

Goodluck for Acid Factory. I am sute the film will do well. The pictures look great!

Ankur's Arena said...

manoj sir, i'm Ankur Chaudhary, from Ghaziabad, UP.
i've done my MA in Mass Communication from MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia, new delhi. i'm interested in doing sound design for films and in the mean while i've done some work on Sir Vishal Bhardwaj's Kaminey audio tracks and i wanted him to know about that.

i know it might sound silly, but could you please give me his email ID at least, so that i could send him that information.

Thank you

waiting for your response.

Unknown said...

hi sir...!
i wonder if u remember...that u used to come to my father's place in delhi when i was maybe two years old...!
u once showed ur papa...if u remember...
u n my maternal uncles were together in the same school,and they were in ur younger bro...surjeet's class....!

Pranay Jha said...

Hi manoj,

I am just eagerly waiting for two movies “RAJNEET” and “ACID FACTORY”. Acid factory promos are on air and hope will be good movie watching after long time.

Though this is not the forum to discuss the same but I would like to draw your attention to past Lok Sabha election,. As you are working with Mr. Prakash Jha and your movies is also related to politics and politician. People would like know your stake for politics in especially in Bihar. Mr Prakash Jha was contesting for MP and you also belong to the same constitutional area. So you must be discussing the fact and situation out there. So what is your offering for the place?

A admirer

Sangu said...

Hi Manoj,

Goodluck for both the Movies.
Will try to take some time out to watch them

And yes do take care while working at night.

With lot of Wishes,


Unknown said...

Dear Manoj ji,

Nice post…as usual!
Moreover,I’m siting here every day waiting for your words on the blog.
It’s already become an integral part of my life!
Hopefully, in near future you will increse frequecy to write up the post.
Hope everything is going smoothly at your end.
Wish you nice and wonderful day!!
With sincerest regards,

Dr.rer.nat. Ram-Krishna THAKUR
Sr Scientist,
Experimental Physics & Nano-electronics Technology
The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology,

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Jaihind manoj ji,
aaj aapka blog dekha par nirasha hui.kya rajnit film ke shooting mayn etne vayst hai ki kuch likhna nahi ho pa ra ha hai.samay nikal kar likhte rahe.achcha lagega.

Unknown said...

Dear Manoj, I have been ardent fan of your acting. However, Lately I have not watched any worth discussing movie from you. You are a very talented person, I would love to see you in more worthy movies. Hemant Dhingra, MD Fresno, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi, dear Manoj, this is my Phone Number 0049(0)17627652208.
Yours June :-)