Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Dus Tola"

Recently I got several offers from different political parties to campaign in Bihar. However, I denied all of those offers. I have already given my message to people through different channels of Media that they should exercise their most important democratic right - the right to vote. I hope that people of Bihar will come out and cast their votes properly in huge numbers. I hope they will elect those who are not associated with criminal background, the right candidates.

Meanwhile, I was busy in promoting 3D animation movie “Ramayana”. The movie has been released this Friday and it is garnering appreciation from viewers as well. I would like to appeal personally to all the parents that they must take their children to watch this movie. Not only because it is an ultimate movie in the world of 3D cinema, but also because it is a movie that teaches moral values. What could be better than this to introduce our children to Indian cultural heritage? I have given my voice to Lord Rama’s character.

Now, I am totally consumed in the promotional activities of my next movie “Dus Tola”. This is a small budget movie, but a very good one. I think this is the first occasion in the history of Indian cinema, when a movie is based on a jeweler. It is the story of a jeweler. It is a story of his love, his family, a story of antagonism within family. This is also the story of his golden necklace - how he prepares a Dus Tola necklace and how it changes his life altogether - this is the plot of the movie.

Dus Tola had completed within 35 days of shooting. The movie is very simple - a simple story and proper entertainment. The moral of the story is - do not test an ordinary man’s tolerance, do not test his love.

I am very pleased with myself for choosing this movie. I am happy because I have not only chosen this script, but also its director. Director Ajay Verma is a man who wants to say something different through cinema, a person who wants to create a new grammar for cinema, a person interested in folk stories. He is more than eager to show villages and towns on silver screen. It’s rare to see villages in Hindi movies now-a-days. People of Metropolises get all the comforts of life in their cities and do not care for the rural life or culture much. Most of us think only of abroad and villages are nowhere in our priority lists. Even many of us don’t want to touch village boundaries.

All the actors have worked brilliantly in Dus Tola. A new girl, Pallavi Sharda, is being introduced through this movie. She has brought up in Australia, educated in Law and knows Bharat Natyam very well.

I am quite busy in promoting this movie these days. I will go to Delhi and Meerut on Monday only for this purpose. Why Meerut? In fact, producer of this movie belongs to Meerut. I hope to spend a great time there. It is going to be the first time when I’ll stay there for so long. Waiting for conversation with common guys there, and of course, waiting most for Bajare ki Roti and Subji. And if I could get one glass lassi after that… It is like an icing on the cake. It’s the specialty of western Uttar Pradesh.

Well, my mind is occupied with Dus Tola only. Will let you know all the further details about Dus Tola and my other plans through my blog. And yes, don’t forget to go and watch the movie with your family. I hope you will enjoy it a lot. Till then, bye…


Manoj Bajpayee


Unknown said...

Yes... You wrote very Good thing and expressed your opinion here. i agree to your view... I know that you are a renowned actor... so you should always avoid to propagate the political parties... and other side whatever you expressed about your coming movie DUS TOLA.... I think this movie should be different.


I saw the promos of Dus Tola and really liked the visual treatment the director is trying to give to it. I am really thankful that we have people in Hindi Film Industry who are showing us different stories and keeping the audience involved in its sotrytelling. Thank you Manoj Ji.
Nitin Chandra.

Unknown said...


For sending the newsletter to me on your two movies, Ramayana and Dus Tola.

I have a seven and half year old son who is very fond of cartoon movies and I promise you to take him to ‘Ramayana’ as soon as it arrives in Kolkata movie theatres.

Saw your promotion notes on Dus Tola in Connect in dot com and read this article thoroughly. Surely will watch the movie and let you know how I liked it. Hope it will be another splendid performance like Rajneeti.

Till then…Best of Wishes to you for Dus Tola & Ramayana and IN ADVANCE HAPPY DIWALI.

Unknown said...

Watched Ramayana. First I took the CD on the basis of “SEE AND RETURN”. But my son liked it so much that I have to buy it.

I was afraid that my son may get bored watching a mammoth epic with big morals / dialogues. But to my surprise the huge epic is very well woven and synchronized in such a way that the story telling sounds interesting. Watching the cartoon movie you will never feel bored as the movie moves very fast. I too watched the movie with my son.

A very good effort from the Ramayana team I must say. Your character, “THE RAMA” needs nothing more to be appreciated as it always sounded very real, i.e. like RAMA and not Manoj Bajpayee.

Anonymous said...

Candidate is right or wrong is known only once S/He is in Power to rule or Power to serve.

Anonymous said...

Dear Manoj,

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Unknown said...

Watched Dus Tola. It is a very pleasant movie with a neat and clean story and a happy ending. The movie to be watched with all the family members. This kind of movie soothes the mind. The very old love story a wonderful feeling.

The only thing is that you looked little bit plumpy and aged. But that did not create any hindrance to the smooth flowing of the story line.

A very good movie enacted.

Puneet Rathsharma said...
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