Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy that Anna’s revolt was successful and 'Aarakshan' too

I have been real busy with ‘Aarakshan’ all this while. After my daughter's birth, whenever I’m home I hardly get time to sit down and write something. Anyways, today I’ve got this opportunity and should not let go of it. Aarakshan has made good business.

During the publicity campaign of Aarakshan , me and Shri. Amitabh Bachaan travelled together most of the time. Got a chance to experience the kind of popularity Shri. Bachchan has among his fans. At times I sat wondering that the kind of popularity Shri. Bachaan had when I was a kid hasn’t really decreased but seems to keep increasing with time. On reaching Patna I realized that actually the whole city was waiting for a glimpse of Shri. Bachaan and his arrival.

'Aarakshan' has flared up a lot of controversies. Some old controversies began to rise afresh too. So in some states the movie had to bear losses. However, the films made good profit. Audience has praised the film and this really gives the entire crew a lot of satisfaction. That’s the advantage of working in a big banner film, a lot of money goes in its publicity, and this makes the audience curious about the film. At the same time it hurts that at times the good low budget movies, that did not have enough money to promote and publicize gets neglected by the audience because of no hype. This is really weird. Anyways, I’m very happy not just for myself but also Mr. Prakash Jha, whose efforts have been duly rewarded.

After this film I’m mainly home. Got a chance to see, hear and understand Anna Hazare’s revolution. Happy that the revolt ended in success. .Corruption is indeed the biggest issue of our country. Till date nobody really thinks about this as an issue. Anna Hazare said a really nice thing that, just don’t wear the Gandhi Topi but try and change yourself too. These words are actually very significant. We need to start the change from ourselves our own homes. Only then will we have the authority to place our demands before the Government, that’s seated in position of power.

My daughters wanting to be with me once again, I’m going to her. However I promise that very soon I’ll be writing again.

With this
Yours and only Yours
Manoj Bajpayee


shine said...

hi sir,
great to see your blog and read your thoughts about the issues...


shine krishna

Soma's blog said...

Thank you for sending me this piece of your article on Aarakshan & Anna Hazare….I have not yet got the chance to watch the movie…….but will watch soon and let you know how I felt about the movie.

Anna Hazare’s words really has depth but not sure who actually will go by its real terms, i.e….CHANGING OURSELVES AT OUR OWN HOME WILL ACTULLY CHANGE THE COUNTRY…Lokpal bill is just a bill….but to implement it for a Corruption Free India is not a child’s play……but let’s hope for the best…

And lastly don’t forget your promise you just made……..we will be waiting to read your new blog…….

Thanking you once again and a lot of blessings to your LITTLE GIRLFRIEND………….

BANSAL said...

hi sir ......m waiting for your next movie gangs of are superb in aarakshan.....aap ke vajah se hi aaraksahn dekhi