Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hope 'Lanka' becomes a hit

My happiest moment is when; I get to say that no one will be able to do anything about the film now. Now it’s going to the viewers. Whatever work is to be done on the film, we need to do it way before the production dates and if we get more time we keep doing something or the other on it. So if the directors and producers make a film for the viewers, it becomes compulsory to decide a specific date for production.

I am very happy with 'Lanka'. This film takes the trend ahead of showing the main stream reality and it tells us that we can make a film of main stream while sticking with 'realism'. I hope people will feel the same and will appreciate the film. I am very happy with the experience while working on the film. I always keep taking out mistakes in my work. Lately I have been to many cities for the promotion of the film. We promoted it with a bang that Lanka is coming. This is the part of our contract.

As it is a low budget film so budget for the film promotion is also less. So we do as much hardwork as can be and leave the rest on god and the viewers. Now I hope that viewers don’t get attracted towards the louder promotions of other films and hope they come to watch 'Lanka'. People will like the film. However it’s my belief which doesn't prove to be correct always. Here I repeat my words that viewers go for the film which has heavy budget promotion than the low budget good movies.

We do not even get much of a help from media. So we need to find some friends and take their help for promotion. Generally Media is such that it does not record the happenings of low budget films. May be they have their own reasons for it. However I will keep working in low budget films. Someday or the other people will come along with me. I am Stubborn by nature. Now I accept whatever comes my way whether success or failure. One should never lose hope and I will never.

As that Lanka is being released on 9th December and I hope all of you come along with your friends and family to watch the movie. You will surely have fun.

with this hope

yours and only yours

Manoj Bajpayee


Rajib Mitra said...

Sir, i hope that you will be stubborn forever. Now a days more than good movies and bad movies, its will marketed and poorly marketed movies. And somehow i get the impression that most of them gets scared to work with you. I meant the other actors. Least they get blown away by the gale of acting talent called Manoj Bajpayee. Needless to say that, will watch 'Lanka' the first day. All the best

Soma's blog said...

Received your blog on LANKA………will definitely see the movie and give my views on Connect.in.com

Nauwarah Zafar said...


neha sharma said...

sorry !!! i can get into a plished language as m too naive when it comes to movie... but was forced to write something about the performance that got to see last saturday , an old but but a moving cinema,Got to see Tamanna , despite of all thefocus given to pooja bhatt and paresh rawal , cudnt go without noticing ur stormng role .. i hardly watch hindi movies , but u made me cry again anad again .. keep rocking ... !!!

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salwa said...

well done!! in this movie, you're a bad person but look smart with mustache ...

Unknown said...

sir i'm a big fans of yours

Unknown said...

Can anyone tell me if Manoj Bajpayee ever studied in Sainik School Tilaiya??

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