Thursday, October 2, 2008

A poignant start….

When nothing remains in ones hands; he looks up to the Govt. and the system. But when even the Govt. and the system fail, it’s only the God who becomes the ultimate crutch. And when God fails to help, where should one go? This time I thought I would write something else, but what happened in Jodhpur’s Chamunda Devi temple has shaken me completely. Something of this sort even happened in one of the temples of Allahabad. There were bomb blasts in Malegaon and Sabarkantha a day before. The damage of life and property has been endless and immeasurable. And it’s a sad beginning to the Navratras. I’m completely shattered. I pay homage to all the ones who have lost their lives. May God rest their souls in peace and give strength to their families in this time of need.

Now, it seems that the whole system has crippled. The faith of 120 crore people has crushed. Earlier they weren’t safe in a market and now even a temple is not safe. They have been left neglected. Somewhere, it’s a moment to rejoice owing to the Nuclear Deal and somewhere it’s so sad that many households wouldn’t celebrate Diwali. After Naina Devi, Chamunda Devi, Bihar floods and bomb blasts at least I wouldn’t be able to celebrate Diwali at home. The reason behind not celebrating Diwali is my feelings towards the sufferers and also as a rebel. The time has arrived when the democracy should justify its doings.

I’m an artist and I’m completely dedicated to my art. However, being a part of this society, it’s my duty to do something (writing on my blog, for that matter) if not something substantial for their happiness and well being. I can at least protest.

How did the year go? How would any one be able to celebrate the festivities? I shared with my journo friend that blog has done well to me. This way I’m able to speak my heart out and can actually take out my frustrations. He however said this isn’t my frustration but my anxiousness. It’s important that ones worry and anxiety comes out as a frustration. I have always thought that I don’t belong to Hollywood that I can keep myself aloof from the gravity of my country’s problems. We can’t even think of doing this. Our nation is still developing. If not everything, we can still raise our voices against the prevalent corruption, inflation and poverty. This at least justifies my existence. You may agree or disagree, but in the present day conditions, Escapism is the only success mantra. If yes, then so be it. Today, as an actor, if I do what I feel like and if I’m able to run my family desirably, then it’s for me. I have always achieved more that I had desired for. I can’t leave acting. It’s like oxygen for me. I can always share my worries with people on my blog. And at least can take out the frustrations born out of worries, on my blog.

Before coming to an end, I’d like to mention that, while I was trying to find out news and related information on the news channels on the Chamunda Devi incident, 95% of the channels were airing comedy programs. It seems that 185 people dying is no news. Hail TRPs and Box Office!!!

Manoj Bajpayee

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hi manoj bhaijee i am from purnea bihar ashutosh jha and now a days i am doing my mba from indore.i am seriously happy to see someones blog from bihar.because u are wellknown hence people listen to u.i also want to knew ur personal side of the story that how u reached so far and also in bihar from where u belongs. plz bhaiya likhte rehna kyunkiaap ki awaz doosre log sunenge. apko mera pranam