Sunday, November 30, 2008

The intoxicated protector

Nothing except anger and resentment is in my mind, at this point and time. What to say? What to write? Can the act done be erased? It could have been stopped. Will everything be fine now? Now all we can do is, hope. There’s no place for trust now.

Debates have started on the television; newspapers are busy writing reactions and editorials. Everyone seems interested in charity and help. It all seems to be a joke now, on which you don’t even feel like laughing. It has happened a lot many times before and keeps on repeating itself. People died in herds. But unfortunately, the politicians are oblivious as usual, may be they didn’t lose their family. They are still giving speeches and blaming because they are always under cover.

We are worried inside the four walls of our households and the protector of the house is sitting inside the house, drunk, making a joke of everyone.

My heart has ached a thousand times by those sad scenes and I am numb now. Can I be a proud citizen of this Nation? A Nation where no one wants to take the responsibility of its citizens’ security. In Mumbai, people were killed like the way goats are slaughtered. Lamentable..!!! Terrible this is…

I have just pain in my heart. Words are failing me now. I’ll be able to talk more only in my next post. I pay my gratitude to Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamte, Vijay Salaskar, Sandeep Unnikrishnan and Gajendra. May their souls rest in peace and may God give strength to their families in such time of trouble and pain. I am silent at this time of agony and pray for the peace of the demised. May God give their families courage to stand and live.

We need to learn a lesson from all this.

Manoj Bajpayee


raghu said...

My name is G Raghu i watch yesterday 5th Decemeber 2008 movie in Dooradarshan movie name Swami
Mr Manoj's performance is really very very great
i watch is movie satya
after that second got impressed is Swami
especially that echair ( we is to call)for that particular chair
settiment on that chair is amazing
great great great really great

please continue that kind of movies

G raghu

kjv said...

Hi Manoj, I am a fan of ur movie. Why don't u make more movies.

kalyani said...

hi manoj dis is a youth of the country..i completly understands your feelings.but i want to say just saying whatever happened in mumbai attack was disastrous or just abusing our so called leaders,its not at all enough.i know by seeing the present situation which is prevailing in our country is hurting,actually killing.but just making sorrows is not the solution.i think this is the high time that we should come forward and unite against the and my friend has started a movement on a very small basis.i hope you will go to the following link and will support us country fellow..kaliii

ashish said...

hi manoj,
i need a help from you my friend is good at writing scripts and songs can you help out anyway..

ashish singh

ashish said...

hi manoj,
i need a help from you my friend is good at writing scripts and songs can you help out anyway..

ashish singh

Srividya said...

hi manoj, what is ur birthdate?

Mud said...

Hey Manoj,
Tell your friend from Delhi Ashok, his little sis (janakpuriwali) in USA is looking for his email address.