Monday, December 15, 2008

Will we learn?

It seems that, like always we’ll learn no lesson from this. People are dying and they are being separated them from their loved ones. Even then we aren’t learning anything. We are still playing the blame game with Pakistan as to who is responsible for this. Be it the govt. or media or anyone else; everyone is talking about war and nuances of war politics. The question here stands that what are WE doing to protect ourselves? Making individual and collective security a trivial issue, the politicians are more interested in debating on the television screens. By doing this, all they want to show is that the party they belong to has no role in this.

I personally feel that Pakistan should face external pressure from countries so that the terrorist training camps based in Pakistan can be destroyed. This pressure building shouldn’t be stopped and the noose shouldn’t be let loose. As far as the internal security is concerned, it has always been a question mark. But we should try to make it stronger. All the efforts should be made to make sure that Mumbai Attacks be the last crisis in India. However, breaking relations with Pakistan would not be an intelligent step, as any citizen would not be directly affected by this. Why split relations with Pakistan which have been made with efforts over a period of time. We have given and taken love.

I know that many would not agree with me, but I think that which is right and for the humanity, should win. Senators and ministers of various nations commented on this, including Gordon Brown. Condoleeza Rice visited India. But the truth is that they would only think for themselves and not importantly India. India would have to think about itself. All of us will have to come up together. Only then will this Nation move forward and develop itself. This would be in the good of the Nation and its citizens.

Manoj Bajpayee


Unknown said...

manoj ji,sirf batey kahney se kuch nahi hota blog bana liya aur us per lamba lamba bhasan de dala...agar bahut patriotic ho to samney aao,sadak per macrh karo.. aur khul k acha bolo fir dekho duniya tumharey sath hogi aur shayad sabsey pehley mai rahooga.bas likh diya aur ghar ja k so gaye hi nahi kerna chahiye per amal karo...

Anonymous said...

I dis agree with Mr Rashmi..
Manoj you are a winner cause you excel in what you do..
Only if we all are as sincere in our walk of life the world will be a better place.The arm chair critics are the first to run away..
Not every Indian need be a warrior,why the hell we pay our taxes??
Awaiting your next release..

Unknown said...

dear manoj its a long to see your blog,yar manoj how r u and how is bhabhi,hope fine everywhere.I am praying to Allah that our country should be safe,from all this evil and notorious activities.
yar,manoj ji kam se kam purana dost hoo tumhara ek mail hi ker do personal.. per.dost wo delhi ki yadey aur theatre aur wo N.S.D.k samney aa ker lambi lambi planning kerna shayad sab bhul gaye hai aap.Khair...khush raho dear manoj jaha bhi raho..
allah ap ko kamyabi aur de ( amin)...
aur haa rashmi sahab zara aap tareeke se baat kare to acha rahega,yahi baat aur bhi tareeke se ki ja sakti hai.umeed hai agli baar mere dost manoj ya kisi ko bhi samjhayege bhi to ek tareekey se...
imdad khan