Monday, April 13, 2009

Enough is enough

Enough is enough. I have grown indifferent to reading papers and watching news. Hail politicians for this. The politicians this time have crossed all the boundaries insulting their fellow counterparts. Pulling each others legs, abusing and an evil intent to kill the rivals has become a routine occurrence this elections. However, despite this fact one has to understand the importance of voting in a democracy. We’ll have to choose someone from this lot only, so no other option. A voter of this democracy has completely lost his confidence in the language, speech and the leaders themselves. Presently, no political party can claim that they haven’t disappointed the citizens. Every party has. Every leader has.

16 is far and God knows what all is yet to come. The elections are more or less a joke with no firm values, no manifesto, no ideology and obviously no politics. Interestingly, these aspiring Prime Ministers firmly assert their election. Sadly, what if these incompetent people take the highest seat? I say, we shouldn’t lose hope. Lawlessness would one day maybe lead to a better path and yield responsible inhabitants.

I’m busy with ‘Jail’ presently and will be off to Karjat for an outdoor shoot. It would be like living in Mumbai and still being away; away from the crowd and hassles and lawlessness. Also, I’ll try to use my right to vote with sincerity as this is the only right which WE can fully utilize. I ask everyone not to go by the party name and candidature whatsoever and only vote for the person’s work and character.

With this
Manoj Bajpayee


Nigam Sahoo said...


My name is Nigamananda Sahoo. Living in Singapore. Today i watched second time your movie Shool in First time in a theater in India.

I am so touched by your role as Samar pratap Singh. Realy appriciate it. I have not big knowledge on Cinema as you people but i enjoyed the movie.
Realy feel proud as an Indian having great actor like you in the country. I am sure you also be a very good human being.

The whole Sunday i was searching you in Google. reading lots of things about you in the internet.

Thanks and looking forward to see you in more movies.

Nigamananda Sahoo (Nigam)

Simran said...

Dear Manoj-ji!!!
Happy Birthday!!!
My best congratulations and best wishes for you!!!
I wish you much happiness, much joy, Great Love and a Long Creative Life!
I love you!!! You are always the best!!!