Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Congested Mumbai!

There were fresh faces at the park this time and the evening walk was true bliss. The park right opposite to my building has been built in lesser space than usual and it’s mostly occupied with people from nearby localities which makes it congested. I’m afraid the space is getting lesser and lesser.

While strolling in the park that evening I realized that Mumbai has no open space anymore. Children parks are facing extinction and greenery is thinning. There are sky high buildings everywhere and SEZ’s around, about which I’m not much aware. Parks are being replaced by gymnasiums and trees are being cut owing to the so-called development. It’s a disastrous scene and the Govt. should think about it.

Amidst all this there is violence too. People are getting frustrated anywhere and everywhere; Shopian or Lalgarh. The Govt. should have a solution to get over all this. And why should this happen all the time that only when people act violently to get their voices heard, the Govt. responds.

The vote bank politics doesn’t seem to end; firstly, Lok Sabha elections and now the upcoming Vidhan Sabha elections. They are not even aware of the real problems of the masses and the masses themselves are following the herd mentality. We are being sidelined by ministers all the time and it’s high time we should question them. I’m just taking out my frustrations on this blog.

I cherish my readers’ comments on my blog. For my fellow readers who have complains regarding my not reading their comments, well, I read them all. It’s not always possible to respond to all of them but in my next post I’ll definitely try to.

With this…

Manoj Bajpayee


Unknown said...

Hi Manoj,
Loved your blogs on Mumbai.Would you like to write for www.mumbaikar.com as well...??? It is a site for and by the people of Mumbai.
We could use your blogs to create an awareness among mumbaikars.
Awaiting a positive response. Contact me at neha.gandhi@mumbaikar.com.

Unknown said...

read ur comment on congested mumbai its realy pain ful to see it but what choice do people have like u and me so many others have flocked the city for greener pastures as our lands were dry or was not able to provide what we desire. so we ran for survival of our desire to live a comfortable life, a life of our dream. Since every one has a right to do so and that is why they are here. As long as there home town remain sleepy and uncaring to there dreams, they will keep flocking and make this or any other place crowded or overcrowded. Haven't you done the same, from bihar to delhi, delhi to ghaziabad then to bombay. You came here to fulfill ur dreams which you were cherishing since 1976. I don't know when you came here, but u r also part of this crowd, so why this anguish?

Deepak Sharma said...

आजकल खून में पहली सी रवानी न रही
बचपन बचपन न रहा , जवानी जवानी न रही

क्या लिबास क्या त्यौहार,क्या रिवाजों की कहें
अपने तमद्दुन की कोई निशानी न रही

बदलते दौर में हालत हो गए कुछ यूँ
हकीक़त हकीकत न रही , कहानी कहानी न रही

इस कदर छा गए हम पर अजनबी साए
अपनी जुबान तक हिन्दुस्तानी न रही

अपनों में भी गैरों का अहसास है इमरोज़
अब पहली सी खुशहाल जिंदगानी न रही

मुझको तो हर मंज़र एक सा दीखता है “दीपक ”
रौनक रौनक न रही , वीरानी वीरानी न रही
@Kavi Deepak Sharma

Anonymous said...

Bandra - Worli sealink is open today. We are entering sea-route.

Tapobrata said...

Hi Manoj -- always wanted to ask you a question : which among all the characters that you have played is closest to your heart.

- tapobrata.

asharupa said...

Hi Manoj, this is Asha from New Delhi, i really love ur drama, its really cool, ur features r awsom.dont mind but ur a complete man. i dont watch movie somuch , but can v b frendz? dont worry i m not interested for acting . i hardly make frendz, if u dont mind?