Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Protest, but legally

The news of the unfortunate Air France air crash was a shattering incident and thinking about the families of deceased, I feel extremely sorry. What would have been the state of those in the flight? Air journey is considered as one of the safest modes of transport but when an accident of this intensity happens anyone would think twice before opting for an air journey. My condolences are with everyone who has suffered the pain of losing their loved ones.

I saw on TV the Shramjeevi express carnage in which the protestors burned the train just because it didn’t stop on a few stations. No matter how important or legitimate the complain was, the way to demand it was definitely sickening and illegitimate. The trains and buses are meant to help the public and when these types of destruction happen forget about the stops, there’ll no more trains to travel on the first place.

There are many ways of registering a complaint and those should be used rather than killing people, hurting them, burning buildings and damaging buses. Are we not destroying our own property by indulging in all of this?

I just completed Madhur’s ‘Jail’ and am working to get back to the old and original Manoj Bajpayee now so that I can prepare for my next film. I’m planning to go to Hyderabad after which I’ll go to Delhi also. After meeting my in laws there I’ll stay with my parents and siblings.

I read somewhere about this particular actor whose blog is being read popularly and some channel has even made it into a program. These TV channel people just can make a half an hour program on even the weirdest of ant-elephant jokes. It’s not important how much the thing is read but important is its contemporariness, its genuineness and justification. I’m happy for being able to take out my frustrations on this blog. I’m happy that I don’t blame anyone and I’m happy that all the people who have joined me are my friends.

I wish that this journey of blogging goes on forever like this. Is it not the aim of a journey to reach the destination safely? Does the time matter? If not, the journey of my life, my acting and my blog continues.

For the ones who are with me, thanks and best.

Manoj Bajpayee


Anonymous said...

shake hands - lets walk.

biharibrain said...

at last there is something by which this amazingly talented actor can share his thoughts with other

Simran said...

Dear Manoj,thank you for your blog very much. Please, write more frequent. We all love you!


please contact me at adityasrivastava40@yahoo.co.in


plese contacy me on 02886626428 i belong from narkatiaganj i recently heard from mamam that u both have studied together in markatiaganj


plese contact me mama wants to talk with u

Tapobrata said...

Came across your blog today. Have always been a great fan of your amazing talent. yeah, you must have heard this umpteen number of times. well ... from very deep inside, i pay my respect for your art.

- tapobrata sarkar
faculty, iit kanpur.

Simran said...

Please jin the group Manoj Bajpayee etc.http://my.mail.ru/community/bollywood-manoj/ its a group i have made...Welcome! What is you opinion?

Deepak Sharma said...

शून्य से निकला है जग शून्य में खोता गया ,
शून्य के आगे अंक बस शून्य ही होता गया
गिनतियाँ ज़्यादा हो जाती, शून्य ही हो जाती हैं ,
कहते अनंत पर शून्य के ही दायरे में आती हैं,
एक शून्य के ही ध्यान से मिल जाते देवी- देवता,
बस शून्य के ही ज्ञान से जा नभ में मानव बैठता।
शून्य से उत्त्पन्न होकर “दीपक” शून्य में खो जाना है,
किसी अंक से स्थान नामुमकिन शून्य का भर पाना है।
@Kavi Deepak Sharma

Unknown said...

Dear Manoj Bajpayee,
Your blog, 'protest, but legally' is really worth reading. Pray every body should start thinking your way.

Unknown said...

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