Friday, November 13, 2009

Media Sould not highlight statements which divide country

It has been a long time. Shooting for 'Rajneeti', promotion for movie 'Jail', meetings thereafter and some personal works kept me on my toes all this while. The good thing is that people in general have liked Jail and they have appreciated my performance as well. I request all of you who haven't watched the film as yet, should go to the nearest theatre to watch it. I don't know how much sucessful this film would or the amount of cash it would rake in, I only know that I have been able to do justice with my role. I liked working with Madhur, learnt a lot of things and made a lot of new friends.

These days, people have been asking a lot of questions about language. Some of the politicians have made linguistic and regional issues as their political agenda. Even media is making efforts to highlight their actions, their unworthy statements, making them heroes. Starting from 6 in the morning, such statements keep running as headlines all through the day and then you are asked to give comments on such frivolous statements. I have clarified my position a long time ago, about two years back in a meeting with mediapersons. At that time, I had appealed to politicians to not to give such statements as well as media not to highlight them. If they do so, don't expect us to react to such statements every other day.

But I can just request. Rest depends on those politicians and the media themselves. Who am I to give them directions? But, let me make one thing clear. I am not going to give comments on such statements. I have already registered my protest, against such narrow-minded, language and region-based political agenda. I won't comment on those headlines every second day because I believe there are a lot of other things happening around us, which could otherwise become headline.

Anyway, I will keep coming back to you. I have been trying to talk about your comments since a long time. I will try to do so in my next post.

I will once again request you to watch movie Jail. We have put in a lot of effort in its making. Whether you like it or not, do let me know about your reaction.


Unknown said...

Dear Bhai Manoj G!,

Hope, as mail find you in best of health & spirit!
Happy to get your post on ur acting line together with social problem, which , in fact desired from any creative person...!
First of all congrats for your good performance in JAIL. For such a long long time I have been wishing to see you in central part of the film like, Shool, Satya. But I know very well that its not possible in Indian atmosphere for the outsider. One need filmi family background like kapoor's or bachchan's and so on. However, you always tried to drag huge attaintion of masses and classes by dint of your hard work, ur performance!!

On the social issue, after experiencing life as a student & later as a scientist in Swiss , Germany & US for last 11 long years... I have had desired to put up the citizens of India and a country as a whole on top, at least people should have good life style with the great thought througout! However, the politician, on behalf to serve the nation trying to get attantion through their destructive gesture, few pictures & destructive comments in print/electronic media! And mostly they are getting success in it. And innocent people are suffering brutaly. Altogether, nation is going in dark!! Talking like that seems simply great and fascinating but transforming in to reality is difficult!
I must admit here that the only stalwarts can transform it so wonderfully patronized by all the old and new generations, friends, colleagues giving the nation a great sense of oneness.
It is always a joy to watch ur acting and read your mind through bolg. Lets see how things go. I shall be happy to get your opinion.
I understand that to run through a day that has involved one in a hectic day’s activity, is satisfying by itself. I guess it shall remain so till all is over and calm. But really is that so ??
So, as usually I say..Just KERM KARTE RAHNA HAI.....!! and Just Spread the light!
With Endless Love & prayers
May God bless you for good health & longevity of life.

Dr.rer.nat. Ram-Krishna THAKUR
Sr. Scientist,
Experimental Physics & Nano-Technology,
The Hong Kong Uni of Science & Technology, Hong Kong

Rajnikant George said...

dear manoj sir
Today i watched ur movie jail it is very good movie and i learnt something from movie.
The film touch the reality of jail and Indian judiciary system.

Rajnikant George

प्रिया said...

Don't you think media should have code of conduct.....atleast reg. sovereignty for nation......but again question of their..livelihood.....Madhurbhanderkar.....PG3 works everywhere

Rajnikant George said...

Dear sir
Me and my friends saw ur interview on NDTV and u open treasure of ur life and reality of flim industry and also talk about ur village and ur childhood
our request to u pls share the school life(K.R.high School Bettiah)
thanks with regard
rajnikant george

Unknown said...

ram ram bahya,
mai bihar se hu isliye hindi me hi likh raha hu english achi nahi hai bahya app blog per humsa likha karo hum bihari log apka kuch filling janana chate hai bahya app ne jo hindi cinem ke liye kiya wo bahut kam hi logo ne kiya hoga.bahya aapka film jail dekha jo kam apne kiya hai kya kahu bahut acha hai.aise hi kam karte rahye humlog ki dua hai apke liye aise hi kam karte rahe.per bahya aap abb patna kam ate hai aya kigye hulog apse milna chate hai.
apka chota bahi
anand prakash

Anonymous said...

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