Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A cleaner Sea?

Gorai, a beach in Mumbai, is in a location so much aloof from Mumbai. Presently, I am shooting for a film here and staying in a nearby club. The location is almost forty minutes away and living out of Mumbai’s speed and noise is very soothing. Though it’s sad to notice that the beach is very dirty. When’ll people learn to keep them clean? When will the Govt. and administration pay heed?

There are these foreign beaches, situated on city side; their beauty is worth seeing. On the other hand there are Indian beaches, brimming up with garbage. And one can’t find space to even step in there.

At least that is how the scene is where I’m shooting. My brother just called to tell me about the plans of my family for vacationing. I too feel like leaving everything and going back to my village for some time but the circumstances won’t allow me to go. And like everyone, I too feel nostalgic about my place, but I may get a chance to go there sometime in March/ April. This feeling however gave me a question that why did we ever grow up? How did our work become so big that we had to leave everything? But the very next moment prophesied that it was never about meeting the ends but my true love for acting that brought me into this profession. It was always about my passion. But nevertheless, I miss my village.

I have just been able to shrink my shooting time a bit and write this post. We’ll surely talk more next time.

With this
Manoj Bajpayee


Anonymous said...

Manojbhai, I too miss my village. And I miss you.
Aapka, Amitava Kumar

pradeep gupta said...

Manoj bhai ji, aap ko namsate,mujhe apka blog padh ke bahut achha laga.

apka shubh chahak,pradeep kushinagar,u.p. se.

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