Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year Resolution

First of all, best wishes to all of you for the New Year. I was busy elsewhere- sometimes in shootings at Delhi, Mumbai Mahabaleshwar or Hyderabad and in other works on other occasions, and could not post my blog on 1st January. Cold in Delhi was unbearable, but I had to stay for just three days. Still, I could not stop myself from sympathising with the people who are living in the capital city.

So far as climate is concerned, it's time for some blame-games. It's not only individuals, even countries are trying to put blame on others for increasing global warming. The final outcome is that there still is no way out of this hazardous problem. But the problem which is sure to fall us, will affect everybody and has even started affecting us.

They kept crying- stop plastic, plant trees, stop pollution, find a substitute of carbon-emitting vehicles, but who cares! Everyone has his own selfish interests to look after. Be it a factory owner or a common consumer, all of them are busy cleaning their own houses. They prefer to keep their windows close to stop the stench entering their house. And now a days, it's not hard to find perfumes of different varieties to keep the home fresh. But the problem which has already started taking wings, will soon take monstrous propositions. What can be a way out of this hazardous issue? Time will not be on our side to think over it, if we don't do so now. It's time to awake now. May be, you can save yourself and this world. May be, this is the resolution we need to take in this new year.

Rest in next...
It's your's and only your's
Manoj Bajpayee


Rajnikant George said...

leEnvironment issue ?????
social responsibility or individual responsibility ?
i think environment protection is individual responsibility of every citizen of world and government have made many policy regrading environment protection and legislation which were made by the appropriate government of our country also.
but lack of proper implementation of policy and people still not aware the pro and corn of climate change.
so one request to readers pls take resolution to save the earth

kyoki app jagoge to sara sansar jagyega ...with this word i finished my valuable request to all

Rajnikant George
XIDAS Jabalpur,Bettiah

रामकृष्ण गौतम said...

Very Nice Posting Saab...


Ram K Gautam

Unknown said...

hi dear aapi aanebali rajniti me kon sa role kiye hai
bihar se sbandhit film jo bihar ki maati se jura ho kun sa kar rahe he
i m also in bihar patna

Unknown said...

manoj i met with you in kyz and due to ur blessings i got the job in bank. now i want to meet u to thank u. if u read thi plz contact me on email waiting 4 ur response till then byeeee
anil sinha patna bihar

Satish Pancham said...

मनोज जी,

आपकी जानकारी के लिये बता दूँ कि पिंजर देखने के बाद मैंने इसी फिल्म के कथानक पर एक कविता लिखी थी - 'चहबच्ची'

हाल ही में इस कविता को मैंने अपने ब्लॉग सफेद घर पर पब्लिश किया है।

उल्लेखनीय है कि पिंजर फिल्म में बहू-बेटियों को जिन्हें कि अब तक ढका छुपा कर रखा जाता था, परदे में रखा जाता था.....विभाजन के दौर में उनका भी बंटवारा आदि हुआ था। और पिंजर का कथानक भी यही था। इसलिये मैंने लिखा है कि -


वो चहबच्ची अब कहां से खोद लाउं
छिपाये जिसमें थे दिन अमनों- सूकून के
अब तो वह जमीन भी बंट चुकी है
नपी है चहबच्ची भी जमकर जरीब से

**चहबच्ची = जमीन में गड्ढा खोद कर उसमें कुछ छिपाने वाली जगह

**जरीब = जमीन की पैमाईश हेतु लोहे की जंजीर

इस पोस्ट पर कुछ प्रतिक्रियायें भी आईं थी। ये रहा लिंक -

sai srinivasan said...

hi manoj
i am srinivasan from hyderabad,india.
i truly appreciate ur acting skills as portrayed in rajneeti.
i think you are the only actor around which the whole film revolved.
wow you are great sir for making people remember only your role and u in their minds even to this day.

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