Sunday, August 24, 2008

Market is my acting school

I spent entire Saturday with my family. Generally, I and my wife go shopping to the market, in some selected shops. My wife always insists on me going along with her; however I prefer staying at home. Interestingly, going out for shopping helps me in a way because that is how I get to meet people and learn their way of living. The practice of connecting with people in such a way helps me grow at professional and personal levels. It also serves as a good homework before any film. I enjoy doing it. And for an actor this is a recommended exercise.

Interestingly whenever I go shopping I never remember things that my wife buys. I’m so forgetful that, at times I don’t even recall the dialogues written by myself. And this absentmindedness sometimes leads to home wars..!! I can’t help it. So, coming back to the point, I spent the whole day with my family. The shop owner had a complete new stock in his shop, so he asked me to come. It was totally an amazing experience shopping and interacting with people, at the same time. I also gave autographs and made my day memorable.

I feel very glad for the comments I get on my blog. Starting this blog has been very serendipitous for me. Firstly, it has helped me in communicating directly with my fans and secondly, it has increased the viewership of my films. Like for an instance, Mr. G. Vishwanath from Bangalore watched Satya and actually liked it. I was elated. Then there was Mr. Rajiv Taneja, who watched 1971, though, the pirated version. So, to Rajiv and others, I plead not to watch the pirated stuff. Movies should be watched in a theatre so that the box office profits from it. This is how actors like me and others will be valued more for their work. And this would increase participation among producers to make the kind of cinema I work in. Otherwise, this money-ruled industry would only prefer actors who bring in loads of money to the box office and eventually in a matter of time intellectual cinema would lose its sheen completely. Eventually anyone would hardly care about what I like or what I do, for that matter.

Nevertheless, Money Hai To Honey Hai was criticized by some people. Actually this film is an out and out comedy. Some people liked it and some didn’t, but I gave my best in the whole movie. The outcome of this movie was interesting in a way because after watching this movie, people realized that I not only can do serious roles, but can do comedy as well. It was convincing to see that I can justify a comic role also. However, the main reason behind doing this film was Ganesh Acharya. With this promise that next time I’ll definitely try to be true to your expectations and make you laugh I’ll sign off now. I believe that it’s the attempt to strive harder that drives an individual to work passionately in his life. Or at least that’s the only thing I know.



Manoj Bajpayee

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G Vishwanath said...

You have just made my day!

From among so many people who read and comented on your blog you have been kind enough to notice ME and my comments and choose my name to be typed with your own celebrity fingers. You have made me me a famous person! This is better than an autograph. I can now proudly announce to my friends that Manoj Bajpayee the famous actor knows me!
I am now basking in your reflected glory!Thank you so much.

I will heed your advice to see your films in a theatre but Satya is an old movie and not easy to see in a theatre now. I rented out a legal DVD (not a pirated one)

I have not found time to see your other movies but will do so one by one over the next few weeks.

If they are as good as Satya was, the time spent watching them will be well worth it.
Best wishes.
G Vishwanath
JP Nagar Bangalore