Sunday, August 10, 2008

Name, computer and me…

Even before a child is born, the christening process begins. From Chinku to Pinku to Amitabh and Aamir, even Manoj for that matter are the names considered. Personally Manoj doesn't fascinate me much, as there are around thousands of Manojs on this earth..!!!...And someone intelligent had said once that 'what's in the name'….so I believe that..!!

Recently a friend of mine suggested me to write a blog and interestingly I found myself thinking about its name more than its content. Another friend of mine who actually helped me in creating the blog, when told me that it has been named Manoj Bajpai, it kind of made me upset. The reason for this was that they didn't use my original and official name which is Manoj Bajpayee and not Manoj Bajpai. Bollywood journalist didn't also write my spelling right and when I tried to correct it, I was called a numerology fanatic..!!!

I think that to an extent name doesn't matter. Like for an example, if my name was "Idiot", people would have called me an idiot. They would have said things like," Oh..!! Idiot rocked in Satya" and "Look, Idiot managed a National Award for Pinjar". So essentially, it doesn't matter to me much if my name is Manoj, Idiot or even an Ullu for that matter..! But one thing is mentionable here, that I managed to negotiate with my spelling in the blog and got it changed. This gave me an intent satisfaction, if not anything else.

These days one thing keeps me occupied a lot. The thing happens to be a "computer". Computer was totally a new phenomenon for me a year back. But now I have exposed myself to this new world and I must say that I'm enjoying it a lot. It's exciting to explore this whole new world of science. But sometimes it scares me to, as I fear that it may get destroyed. It's really expensive after all.

It's always good to learn new things and that exactly what I'm doing. Recently, when I was shooting for Acid Factory, Fardeen and a fellow friend Jeetu taught me to download music. These days I listen to music, not on my tape recorder, but on my PC.

Time has changed, all of a sudden. It seems that it was only the other day that Babuji bought a Panasonic tape recorder from Nepal. I still remember my brothers recording their voices on it and listening to it again. It got them excited.

So much has changed since then. The world has shrunk and the relations have dispersed. The era of globalisation is the reason. Huhh..!!!...But who am I to comment? One has no right to think differently. And since I've been the numerology fanatic and have been called one or the other things every now and then, it's better to stay out of it. Let the things be the way they are…

Welcome to my blog. It's for all of you out there. I'll continue writing on this so that I can keep thinking. And yes, I would definitely not sigh off without publicizing my new film Money hai to honey hai. At least I deserve that much liberty. Isn't it?
Also there's an upcoming film called Jugad, on Delhi sealing which you would like, so do watch it…I'm sure you'll like it.

Lots of love

Manoj Bajpayee with Payee


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogging world. I just commented on your Hindi blog. Let me be the first to comment here.

Mahendra Singh said...

Payee ji

Nice to read your views about your name. We keep saying 'what is in the name'and keep writing a blog on. We also get the spellings also changed. "What is in the name" Manoj Bajpayee ji with payee. You write from heart and what you write touchs reader's heart. You have a style of your own, likable. But just look at some spellins (sigh off may be corrected to sign off) after all spellings matter. Your movies are excellant.
Wellcome to blog world but keep writing.
Mahendra Singh

G Vishwanath said...

I just read this English Verion of your blog.

Earlier this morning I had read the Hindi version and also posted a comment.

I found your Hindi version more readable.

Anyway, your strength is acting, and not writing and so don't bother about these comments. I am sure your subsequent blog posts will be better.

Welcome to the world of computers, internet, and blogs. It's great to have a film celebrity in our midst.

Your sincerity comes through though there is scope for improvement in language and spelling.

I had stated while commenting on your Hindi blog that it is natural for people to doubt the authenticity of a blog written by a film clebrity. They suspect that the blog is ghost written.

In your case, I am sure it is not.
Keep writing as often as you can. You can be assured of a faithful readership and copious comments from the general film loving public.

However if this is not really Manoj Bajpayee the actor and some prankster masquerading under your famous name, there are going to be a lot of red faces including mine, grinning with embarrassment!

Keep writing.

With best wishes
G Vishwanath
JP Nagar, Bangalore

singhak said...

dear manoj ji,
its very nice to see you on net.
i was looking the way to contect you,now i got the contect.
i am one of the biggest fn of you.I am from motihari,right now i am in delhi doing export/import bussiness with my cousin brother.we have our own house/offices in moscow(russia),china ,singapore.
our all family member are strong suppter of you.we see all ur movie.

this is the best way to to get in touch with public.
for giving us option to conect with you.
thanks a lot sir

Tarun said...

Welcome again, word verification in english blog? what do you think hindi blogs doesn't get spam or you missed that point there.

MK Aftab said...

Congrats! Manoj
For being computer-savey and friendly with the unique discovery of science.. wel I read "Name, Computer and me", It was too good with feelings and recalled of memories of ur childhood...
My all best wishes with U...

M Khalid Aftab
Hindustan Times, Allahabad

Rakesh ojha said...

Hi bro its really very nice that u will be back with mony hai to hony hai. i saw this movie . I liked it.One thing I have to say taht bhiya manoj ka matlab kewal ulloo nahin hota manoj ka matlab Manoj Bajepaee bhi hota hai. Hope u will get more attention through ur blog.. all the best bro.