Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some Answers

First comment on my blog was of Rajesh Roshan followed by comments of Rajeev Taneja, Dinesh Rai, Kavita, Shailesh Bharatwasi, Girish, Suresh Chapinlukar, Rajiya Raj and Anoop Shukla etc. I would like to thank all those who posted comments on my blog and complimented my first post. Although some friends raised few questions too!

R.C. Mishra commented "Who is writing this blog in Hindi? How come Manoj Bajpayee writing such well versed Hindi?" It's not the fault of such people who are asking how film actors can write in good Hindi. It's a fact that many big stars speaks a little bit of Hindi but are unable to write in it. They cannot even give proper interview in this language. Thus such a doubt in visitors/readers mind is reasonable. Well, for your kind information let me tell you that superstar Amitabh Bachchan knows very good Hindi , also Ashutosh Rana speaks and writes good Hindi. If you still don't believe my words forget it, but do keep reading this blog as it's truly mine i.e. Manoj Bajpayee's blog.

Some people including Aanand, Sanjay and G.Vishwanath have also commented about PR-ship. I won't raise any objection for such questions nor will blame them for this too. You will find a film actor at every step and let me tell you there are more than 50 reasons for PR ship of any film actor. Television channels serve it all and has now become PR agency for big stars rather than just news. Well I know I'll have to justify myself for the same. This blog is started by my some journalist friends and they invited me to share my heart's feelings here. All technical support is provided by them. In future you will also see my blog in other languages which is nothing but mere translation. I don't have much time to translate blog in other languages.

Now something about my life story - If I need to describe my story even after working continuoulsy for 15 years in cinema and 11 years in theater, it really shows that you have never tried to know what this actor was doing. Please take some time and google "Manoj Bajpayee", you'll get all information about me.

Now this post is getting quite long . I once again thank all my blog readers. Please watch my latest movie "Honey hai toh money hai" and do comment here. Blog is meant for interaction, so this interaction will continue. I will soon get back to you with my new post. Till then keep reading my blog.


Manoj Bajpayee


रवि रतलामी said...

I tried to watch this movie for Manoj Bajpayee ... but found it to be too slut and total nonsense.

May I request you to please do not do movies with such nonsense stories.

G Vishwanath said...

Okay Manoj.
I now believe you.
It's your blog and not ghost- written.

Have you noticed something?
Inspite of your celebrity status
hardly anyone comments in English
But there is an avalanche of comments in Hindi. It is deeply gratifying to note this fact. If you write in Hindi you will have your finger on the pulse of the Hindi speaking and Hindi knowing people of India.

I think you are writing in Hindi first and someone else is translating it into English. Your Hindi version is definitely more readable. The English translation needs improvement.

Most bloggers will be happy to get a dozen comments. Your first post has already netted 50 comments in just a few days. But that's because you are just beginning and thousands of potential blog readers are still not aware of your entry into blogosphere. Soon word will get around and I am sure you will need someone to read your comments for you!!

That's okay. So long as you write your own stuff. Seeking technical assistance or getting it typed and posted by others is okay. But the thoughts must your yours and yours alone.

I look forward to your future posts and will keep commenting here till the flood of comments reaches this English section too.

G Vishwanath,
JP Nagar Bangalore

पंकज बेंगाणी said...

Why are you putting your PR officials on so much trouble to translate your blog to English.

Instead write (make your team write) in Hindi, you will get more mileage.

Best of luck.

G Vishwanath said...


Writing in Hindi is good for Manoj as I find he communicates better and straight from the heart when he uses Hindi.

But the English translation has its use too. Those with an interest in Manoj Bajpayee as a person and as an actor, and who are not comfortable with Hindi written in Devanagari script but who understand enough of it to enjoy Hindi films may read his blog if an English version is available.

Besides thousands of youngsters (even those from Hindi speaking regions ) who have studied in English medium schools and who hardly use Hindi will prefer to read his blog in English rather than Hindi.

His NRI fans may also prefer English.
But I have noted that hardly any one is commenting on his English posts.

The quality of his translation definitely needs improvement.
I feel Manoj, with the objective of widening his reach to include an all India and also perhaps an international readership is wise in having an English section.

However instead of translating word for word or even sentence by sentence aided by Dictionaries, he should simply re-express the same or similar thoughts in English. He can also choose to write on a different topic altogether when he writes in English.

The quality of his English writing will then improve.
I will encourage him to use both languages.

G Vishwanath
JP Nagar, Bangalore

Unknown said...

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