Sunday, September 21, 2008

How To Stop Communal Riots

All my growing years I have seen communal riots and caste based violence as a part of my life. May be as a mute spectator, but I have always been around these. Is the extent and intensity of the incidents happening in Kandhamal and Karnataka justified? Is the Govt. has no role to play? Now, in the name of jehad shall we decide who dies? On the God’s name shall we decide which religion is right and which is immoral or which caste
is elite and which is low.

Actually this debate has been there since ages and violence is an inseparable part of it. The question is who they are? How do they think? How do they think themselves the God? And why do they think they are the Govt.?

I completed my education from a Christian Missionary school. Today, whatever I am is either because of that Christian Missionary school or because of my theatre’s director and teacher Barry John. Why do not caste-creed, religion and region ever comes to my mind? I give this credit to my school and Barry John. Even my parents should be credited for that. After coming to Delhi, the person I did theatre with and the person who introduced me to an actor within me was Shamsul Islam. He was also the one who introduced me to the philosophy of Marx, Lenin and Mahatma Gandhi.

How can I deny their role in my life? And when one gets to see/read this type of news everyday, it makes me feel dejected. I sometimes think what kind of people are they, who consider other’s faith as low. Who are these people who spread violence on the name of religion? How do they think and what’s their ideology? Our Nation is progressing and it’s sad to say that owing to the communal violence and religious aggressions, India is on its way to devastation.

For a complete human and societal development of India, the advent of industrial development is mandatory. It’ll also take away the doom of religion based violence. I hate communal violence and caste based discrimination more than anything else. There can be nothing else than regionalism that I totally despise. I won’t say that the time has arrived. I would rather say that if you don’t get up now, you won’t get up at all. These things and the related violence should stop immediately..!

We should ostracize these people completely as people with such a sick mentality have only one answer which is violence. These people lack logics. I live with my God, I have my God and I don’t want anyone to be responsible for him. I take his responsibility. To everyone, it’s my request; please confine your religion to yourself. That’s your faith. Stop publicizing your religion in any way. Keep it to yourself and feel it within. I don’t discuss my religion and faith with my friends or family; neither do I ever get into such a debate. My God is mine and he’s within me.
With peace…

Manoj Bajpayee

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I Think said...

Dear Manoj Jee,

I am still waiting for your response & I will keep my project on shelf until I get a response from you. I have no way of contacting you other than through this blog. I would greatly appreciate if you could find some time from your busy schedule & revert to me at your earliest convenience. After writing the character, the only person who came to my mind was you, I cannot think of anyone but you doing full justice to the role as it is extremely intricate, yet hillarious. I loved the way you said " aap antaryaami hain kya" to Divya Mirza in 10 Kahaniyan. I still can't stop laughing when I remember it. I can almost read through your mind. Please let me know at the earliest, if you would be available.


Ajitesh Pathak


Ajitesh Pathak