Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nostalgic Manoj

Believe me, it wasn’t a vent out of anger against Ramgopal Verma. It was just a reply to the wrong information he’d written about me on his blog. And this will continue if someone tries to malign my character. If in a democratic country someone has a right to say something, then the other person should also have a right to answer back. Anyways, lets just go off the past.

Right now I’m at my producer-director friend Sanjay Gupta’s place. I’m with my wife Shabana Raza and director-friend Rajiv Virani, who is directing an upcoming film of mine. It’s raining outside and we have reached here just sometime back. We also discussed Rajiv Virani’s film script.

Two hundred kilometers away from Mumbai, 4000 ft above the sea-level, Mumbai seems so different. It suddenly reminisce me of my village. A part your village. The magic of peaceful green surroundings and serene mountain valley is such that it has a hypnotizing effect. It tends to raise a conflict inside you. A part of you asks you to give away everything you had earned throughout your life and by this I mean my acting career and a metro city life.

I also went to attend a function last Friday. It was organized on the occasion of the launch of a Ramayan animation film. I have given my voice for Ram’s character in the film. Juhi Chawla has done voice over for Sita and Ashutosh Rana for Ravana. I think that this Ramayan will initiate a new era of animation films. A revolution is apparent in the animation film sector. Technically, we are in competition with the western countries for this. However, there is a lack of professionals in this field, which will hopefully not be there in the coming future.

Remembrance of village and the Ramayan function made the childhood memories fresh in my mind. It reminded me of the time when my grandfather used to read texts from Ramayan and narrate stories. A place we are attached to is in all the ways different. It’s truly said that, you can detach a person from his village, but can’t separate a village from the person himself.

With this…

Manoj Bajpayee


I Think said...

Hi Manoj Jee,

I was wondering if you are open to doing Maithilli Films. I am from Bihar, currently living in Toronto. I would like to come back to India to do a Maithilli Film. I am in the process of completing the script. It is going to be a comedy, but not like any bhojpuri films that you probably are thinking of. It is a pure maithilli film, based in a village in Bihar with the treatment being completely pure, like Teesri Kasam for lack of a better expression. Real people, real situations, extremely funny Outcomes( Not Slap Stick at all). The Characters decide how the film moves forward by reacting to different situations in their own way. The characteriztion is complete, with every minute detail attended to, like how they walk, their mannerisms & most importantly accomplished actors like yourself will convey their thought process with your acting skills. Like even when someone is just sitting down in front of a Ghoor( I hope you know what that means) doing nothing in particular, thinking of nothing in particular, the audience should be able to tell whats going through his/her mind, just by looking at his face, like you are able to when you sit with your wife or close friends & family. I am not sure if it is challenging enough for you, but it will definitely be an elation for me, if you are able to contribute to this film by way of your creative inputs & especially through your presence in the film. Atleast please say yes/no to me. My contact info is 001-647-287-8716 or or even by way of your blog. I will check it regularly.

Thanks Manoj jee,

Please keep up your brilliant work by doing more films like Pinjar. I especially liked your role in Veer Zara, where you were the only manly presence in the film. The 10 minutes that you were on screen lighted the whole screen & Left me longing for more of you in the film.

I Think said...
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Unknown said...

hello mr manoj,

this is the first time i am visiting your blog. congratualtion to you its a very good idea. I hope u share with us your experiences with movies etc. i liked your role in shool and satya. I think that u are best suited for a intense role like shool rather than a common man role like dil pe mat le yaar. you should sign films which has more intense films or a higher emotion graph becoz to me that works for you. Any way all the best to you for future.

take care

Unknown said...

aur manoj ji kya haal hai,pehchana ? mujhko ab kya pehchanegey aap bahut badey admi ho gaye ho app.. khuda ap ko aur tarakki de (amin)...yaad hai national school of drama me test dene k liye ap bhi aye the aur mai bhi wahi tha N.K.Sharma k yaha theatre karta tha mai..Ap ka bhi nahi hua aur mera bhi pre lim round pass karne k baad me final mai cut kar diya gaya. Us k baad ghar a gaya aur business start kar k bas usi mey zindagi kaat raha hoo aur acting to ek sapna jaisey ho gaya hai...bas kabhi kabhi koi book le leta hoo aur akeley hi rehersal karta hoo us k sarey character per bas yahi tak meri acting simit reh gayi hai dost...khair ap to mahan ho gaye ho badi khushi hoti hai jab ap ko dekhta hoo aur tasalli karta hoo ki ap jaisey k sath mujhey bolne hasney ka mauka delhi me mila tha...
dost khoob badho khub kamao aur khub name roshan karo..
jan na chahtey ho to umeed hai is i d per mail karogey fir mai ap ko yad dilwata hoo purani baatey shayad ap ko yad aa jaao mai ....wo gana bhojpuri yad hai jo ap sunatey they aksar....?
jio hazar sal dost....bhabhi ko namastey bolna aur tum dono humesha khush raho.........

~ Anil Reddy ~ said...

Hi Manoj

This is the first time I visited your blog and you made me to go thru all the posts. :) Yea, driving away from city, will always work wonders on your brain. Loved Bheeku role in Satya, and loved Shool as well. Would love to see you in more intense and powerful roles. Well, thats all I got to say for now. Keep up the good work and keep entertaining us. :)

Anil Reddy

Anonymous said...

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