Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ram Gopal Varma and Me

In my last post I mentioned that I’ll be writing about Ramgopal Varma, who’s been writing unpleasant things about me on his blog. So here it goes.

I have been attached to him. After watching me in Bandit Queen and Tamanna, he offered me Satya and also a small role in Daud, after that. We have had a good professional relationship. However, I won’t be able to comment much on the creative aspects, since it was mostly Anurag Kashyap or Saurabh Shukla, I interacted with.

Mr. Ramgopal Varma, on his blog said that when in award ceremonies, people called me Bheekhu Mhatre (my character’s name in Satya), I used to get excited as they called me and not the other stars. Actually, this has been the only reason of tension between us. He has spent his entire life on false beliefs.

I was happy with the success of Satya and was glad that I at least got a chance to stand. I was happy that I had an abode. Hence, in spite of all the prevailing apprehensions between us, I was thankful to him. A passion to become an actor drove me to Mumbai. I had dreams to become successful and lead a good life with my family. I never wanted to compete and I think that I achieved more than I had ever dreamt of.

The problem with Mr. Ramgopal Varma has been that he always wanted Manoj Bajpayee as an actor who can flatter him all the time. He wanted someone who has no self respect. I just want to say that please Mr Verma stop maligning my character. Our creative and professional ventures are over now. And there’s no question of an emotional attachment, because it never existed on the first hand. So, Mr.Varma, if you feel too much for me, you better keep my photograph and look at it every morning. But stop faking.

However, I know that you wouldn’t leave me; else your own existence would be in danger. All I want to say is that no one expected Satya’s success. We did what we could to the best of our abilities. As an actor, I performed my best and as a director you did what you thought was the best.

No one owes anything to each other now, but I’m still grateful to you. However, you should learn to respect my feelings and emotions too. But who am I saying all this to? To a person who doesn’t believe in any form of relationship, may it be that of a husband and a wife or that of a brother and a sister, or any other form of emotional bond, for that matter.

Since last nine years I have been trying to make things work out between us. Professionally, there was never much of an economic gain from you. And you more denied me after casting than you ever gave me roles, but I’m still thankful for what I got from you. May God bless you and keep you happy.

I always wanted to share this with you people. There’s more to all this, which is likely to come up if Mr Varma refuse to mend his ways. I respect him, but that doesn’t mean I’m a menial worker who would do whatever he asks for.

It feels better now.


Manoj Bajpayee


G Vishwanath said...

Manoj ji,

I am disappointed at this post of yours.

I had read what Ram Gopal Verma had written and I had found nothing so objectionable that you should respond in this fashion.

You could have replied to his comments and presented your views without making personal remarks against him.

You must understand that we, your readers are neutral and would not like to read exchanges like this between personalities.

Washing dirty linen like this in public is better done in scandal sheets, gossip rags, yellow journals and perhaps in those infamous parties where everybody gets drunk. Why spoil your blog with this kind of writing?

If you cannot get along with RGV, then that is a personal matter between the two of you. Don't act in his films in future. There are other Directors too. Let him not work with you again. There are other actors he can use. Why indulge in this public spat?

I doubt if RGV reads your blog. But some one may tell him about it and he may read this blog post in particular. If he is sensible he will simply ignore you and your remarks. But if he is immature he will respond in an equally nasty fashion and that will make things worse between the two of you.

Gradually the language will become less and less restrained and finally both of you will end up making a public spectacle of yourselves. Who knows, one of you make file a defamation suit against the other. Some lawyers must be licking their lips in anticipation already.

I am indeed sorry to see this state of affairs. You have emptied your heart and may feel better temporarily but unwittingly you
may have caused future problems for yourself by making remarks like this in public against another film personlity.

I hope in future you will stick to writing about yourself, your weaknesses, strengths, the state of the industry, your views on political, social, religious issues. If you must write about others say something nice about them. If you don't like them, don't say anything in public. Feel free to express your feelings privately to a select few in your inner circle.

This kind of writing brings no credit to either of you.

"Chota Muh, Badi Baat?" perhaps, but this is my honest opinion.

With best wishes
G Vishwanath
JP Nagar, Bangalore

G Vishwanath said...


Instead of:
Who knows, one of you make file a defamation suit against the other

please read:
Who knows, one of you may file a defamation suit against the other
Instead of:

please read

G Vishwanath

Kishan said...

I have been a die hard fan of RGV since he started out with Shiva in telugu and I follow each & every interview of his with a lot of attention. However, I will admit that I hate him for his personal views of the world & relationships and for me to make a comment like that is not correct as I have never even met him.

But it is quite evident that he is "indifferent" to personal relationships from the break-ups he had, since god knows when. Anurag kashyap, you, urmila, jiah khan, antara mali and many more directors had fall outs with him. After seeing so many people's reactions, it is quite easy to know who is at fault.

Also I keep hearing/reading a lot of people who worked with him saying that he is a very bad when it comes to paying people the money that they deserve. Can you throw some light on it?

In one of your previous interviews you mentioned that you were "humiliated" in RGV's camp. I did not know that side of RGV.

Finally, nice to see your blog.

Manu said...

Sir, My name is Abhishek. I saw you yesterday in Grand Haayat, but could not say hello to you.
I dont have any comment on this for you. But I admire you as a great actor and I like watching your movies many times. I request you to please do more films like "Shool",
All the best to you sir and my best wishes are with you.
Abhishek Kumar

Anuj Alankar said...

Mr Manoj
its very nice to knw that u start write blog. wish u good luck

u wrote so much negetive about Ram Gopal Varma, becouse u want to counter him in what he said about u. its fine, what u wish to write about him
as film journalist, i rememmber very well about yr Tamanna days and later when u become star with Satya
let me tell u only one insident, after that i realise, how big star u become after Satya. you was doing a film Maati with Mahima Chaudhry and Fardeen Khan. I was present there on Muhurat ceramoney held at Filmalaya Studio. After Muhurat, when a onther journalist ask u for a mini interview, u reply- call my secetry and get apponitment for interview. i was witness about whole insident and that moment, i realised, how big star u become all sudden.
I never done interview with u, becouse, its never need to call a secetry for get appointment with u and i never ever done sm thing like that for any star and NO STAR eventulay asked for it.
Any way, i dont think, u can rememmber these kind of insidents.

God bless u Sir


Anonymous said...

Do even understand RGV's intention in his blog when he mentioned about your name?? I am not a big fan of ramu... i would probably never have listened your name in main streem (few yrs back not now... thanks to ramu for his satya) if satya did not happened. Anyways if you want to take out on RGV why do you have to whine and threated him that you would write if he continues that. Your post shows how immetured you are. All the best for your future.

Unknown said...

Dear Mr.Bajpai,
Well Iam awed at your ignorance that you have no views in relationship to Mr.Varma's creativity and give credit to two dialogue writers slyly.Well Mr.Varma's creativity is well established much before Satya or Rangeela.You make him sound like a first timer when you say that no one expected Satya's Success. He had already done films which were more impactful than Satya,in Telugu. Satya was hit here cos Bollywood was hungry was films which were not the typical ones about which you would sit and crib with your friends during your struggling days. Anyone who has seen his earlier films will not subscribe to the notion that it was because of two dialogue writers or an actor,he would see his vision throughout.And please remember and acknowledge the fact that Bhiku Mhatre made Manoj and dont shy away from it.

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