Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Is everything actually changing?

Everything is changing. Our society, traditional ideologies and the education system is all changing, as they say. If they say so, may be the situation is actually changing. However, whatever has changed is very prominent. Barack Obama is the first black President in America’s history, for that matter. People are anticipating a thriving fineness now. Aspirations have increased and people are hoping. I say, may God make this happen.

Change is the need of this hour. Barack Obama is the President of
The US solely and not of any other country’s and ideally that’s how it should be. But it would be definitely better if we, as Indians concentrate on our own Nation, its needs and think about changing it. If someone asserts that our Nation is undergoing change, I would not completely agree to that looking at the present scenario.

The recent Satyam Scam has made us rethink about our own system. Amid this the only appreciable event that happened was the election of Omar Abdullah as the Chief Minister. It’s high time the next generation youth enter politics as only they can be looked upon as symbols of hope and aspirations.

I’m watching television at home and am somewhat jealous of the present transformation America is undergoing. I don’t clearly understand the consequences of American recession in the Indian market. The circumstances seemed fine earlier. I’m not competent enough to comment on this though but obviously some related thoughts cross my mind every now and then. I was just trying to share some feelings of anxiousness with you and will definitely continue it the next time too.

I saw a lot of comments on my blog; some of them questions and some suggestions. I will reply on the same as soon as I get time.

Manoj Bajpayee

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