Thursday, January 1, 2009

Just the calendar has changed….

The New Year has almost begun. Like every year, journalists will call me and ask about my New Year resolutions. And like every other year, I’ll create some imaginary resolutions as I don’t have any true resolutions. I usually create them, as telling the truth may hurt. A byte for them is inevitable no matter how false it is and I’ve become vary of people who feel bad every now and then. It’s better to avoid such people so that I and people around me remain happy.

This year, like every other year has entered with new hopes, aspirations and dreams. Its human nature that everyone wants to let go off the past and take up new things. Aspiring and dreaming is good but it’s healthier to keep a view of the past so that dreams may become a reality and even if the dreams don’t come true no harm is done. However, this is my personal opinion.

2008 made dreams a reality. It harmed certain things as well but we should remember that even we committed certain mistakes on our part. Circumstances also played an important role in this and even if we may not confront the world and accept those mistakes we should try not repeating them in 2009 and be aware & conscious.

I haven’t taken any resolution; neither do I believe in resolutions. I haven’t stopped dreaming but I don’t tend to depend on my dreams only. The way a day unfolds, I live it and live happily. I warmly wish that this year 2009 bestows peace and happiness at not just me but the whole of India and the world. May the world become free from terrorism, chaos, accidents and natural disasters and may we live on a right path of development; development which provide peace, education, knowledge and may eradicate poverty.

With all this in mind I’ll step outside my abode and gaze the sky of 2009 for sometime. I’ll get back to my work then, the same way as I did on the 31st.

It’s just the last date that has changed; it’s me who has to change actually.

Wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR…

Manoj Bajpayee


AJEYA RAO said...

Happy New Year, Manoj.

True, I do not believe in Resolutions either; any change can be driven at any point, not neccesarily on a 1st of year.

santoshi said...

Wish u a Happy New Year.