Sunday, January 11, 2009


I am very worked up presently and busy working for my character in the upcoming film Raajneeti. Costume finalization, meeting with Prakash Jha twice/thrice a week, my family, reading scripts and promoting my upcoming film Jugaad are other things keeping me busy. There’s a lot to do and that’s the reason I’m unable to update my blog regularly.

I’m in Delhi right now for Jugaad’s promotion. Jugaa, my upcoming film, is a satirical humor with hints of seriousness. Jugaad, as everyone knows, is a frequently used word here. The film deals with this whole system of Jugaad, which will make you laugh and bring tears, hence I suggest it’s a must watch.

I will return to Mumbai in a day or two. Its election time now and my friends in Delhi want to know more about my interest in politics. I fear politics however and have never really dreamed of becoming a politician. I’m very happy as an actor and enjoying every bit of it. Now that elections are nearing again, we can see well developed roads and flyovers around. The parties are busy choosing the best candidates for contesting elections. However, our responsibility here is to choose and elect an intelligent and responsible candidate as our representative.

I watched Ghajini recently. After a long time I got an opportunity to watch an ultimately revengeful movie. An amazing watch it was. Also, it freshened up my childhood memories of watching these sorts of movies. We all have grown up watching this genre. Aamir has truly justified his role with immense honesty, which I appreciate. The movie was a fully commercial one. This is a quality which I also appreciate in Amitabh Bachchan. Even in all types of commercial masala films he does, he maintains that honestly in the character. Recently I attended the function of Amitabh Bachchan’s book release where I met both Aamir and Amit ji. Meeting Amit ji after a long time was wonderful and this made my memories afresh. And sometimes it’s unbelievable to imagine that he is the same person whose dialogues in Deewar filled me with adventure. I don’t even believe that I was standing next to him. May God bless him a long life.

It’s time to leave now. I am meeting some journalist friends for promoting Jugaad. These days I’m only talking about Jugaad and it’s really tiring. However, reaching out to viewers through media is an actor’s commitment which needs to be fulfilled.

Till then…

Manoj Bajpayee

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AJEYA RAO said...

atched the promos of Jugaad...Seems like an interesting movie.