Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jugaad: Would it be selfish

Jugaad is releasing on 12th February. And on this occasion it’s obvious for me to become a bit selfish and excite you by narrating the story so that you can catch up with the film as soon as possible.

Jugaad is inspired by the MCD sealing incident in Delhi. The film is not exactly about the sealing but is a story of struggle of a successful man whose office gets sealed overnight and he’s left with nothing. Film is a satire on the ‘Jugaad’ mentality which is prominent in our society and is used profusely. The film is a blend of humor and thought which will definitely force you to think.

Jugaad is a small budget film and many talented theatre artists are a part of it. Hours and days of hard work have been invested behind the whole outcome. The budget of the film is so less that a scene required crowd and hence the producer spread a rumor about Kareena Kapoor shooting in a nearby factory. As expected all the workers rushed to see her and we shot the whole sequence. A lot many similar instances happened during the whole film.

We faced many problems happily while shooting the film. The whole film has been shot in Delhi. My family stays in Delhi. My friends stay in Delhi too. I have memories of college and theatre in Delhi. Each street has its own share of nostalgia for me. Anda-paratha, Chole-kulche, Chikan tikka are a part of all this. I can recall all the time spent on the nooks and corners of streets while shooting for the film. I hardly remember a day when I stayed back in my room after shooting.

My hard work will be paid off if you like the film. I do films with full faith and trust. But sometimes I prove myself right and sometimes wrong. That’s how the medium I’m in is. The film is a family film which will not only entertain you but also will impart a meaningful social message.

If you appreciate the film, don’t forget to recommend it to your friends. Give your feedback about the film through my blog. Even if you don’t like the film, kindly let me know so that I could give my best and entertain you well next time.

With this hope

Manoj Bajpayee


Unknown said...

Hello Manoj,

Good Luck with the 'Jugaad'. The promos look interesting!

BTW, your work in 'Shool' is much appreciated.

When can we see you in another such intense performance?


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