Thursday, February 19, 2009

Politics or “Rajneeti”

I went to shoot for Rajneeti to Bhopal for five days and was home yesterday. I was promoting Jugaad in the meantime. I also met some journalist friends of mine in Bhopal regarding the same. A day before the film release, a theater owner invited me where all media and fans gathered. It was a hearty gathering.

It has been a week since Jugaad released and there has been mixed reactions about the film. Some people praised the film while some considered it just another film. Frankly, I’m out of the Jugaad mode now and I have moved on towards my new film, with good memories of Jugaad in my heart. As always, I have tried my best to give a healthy entertainment to all.

A fan sent Jugaad’s review by Ajay Brahmatj to my blog. I’m very thankful to him and Ajay Brahmatj. Life of an actor is very interesting and we work really hard on films. After a film gets released, some people praise it while some criticize. Relaxing after getting praised and getting upset after hearing criticism is something we can’t do, so moving on is the only option.

Some people wanted to know my stance about getting into politics. During elections, mostly all the political parties send me invites for contesting elections as their candidate. I’m immensely thankful to them for visualizing me as their candidate. But, so far, I have not been able to see myself as an able politician. Also, I don’t have the courage to disown the actor inside me and take up politics. Acting and family claim most of my time and thus how will I be able to give time to politics?

I have all the time for my upcoming film Rajneeti and I’m enjoying every bit of the shooting experience. There are a lot of artists in the film and that’s a reason I have shooting on certain days and no work on the rest. When I don’t shoot, I wait for my day eagerly so that I can resume with the work as soon as possible.

Ramjas College, Delhi, invited me to their place and I’m really happy for their kind gesture. But as I have earlier mentioned too, I’m very busy these days and it will be very difficult for me to get through. Also, we have so many artists working in the film, hence it will be immensely difficult to get their dates again. Hence my inability. I’m thankful to the students of Ramjas College for inviting me through my blog.

I just got back home. I’m planning to complete some work and till then it would be time again to go to Bhopal. As of now I’m looking forward to completing some professional and family works. Will be back soon.

Manoj Bajpayee


nitesh said...

Great to read your thoughts on cinema and acting, have immense respect for u as an actor. Keep up the good work.

kamal said...

Grt work done my dear actor..gud to hear that u r not joining politics now.Love u dear ...pls mention abt your family life and future plans.

Keep it u

Simran said...
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Simran said...

Dear Manoj-ji!
You are a Great actor! You are the most talented actor of Bollywood! I really like your movies! I congratulate you on the fourth anniversary of the Wedding! I want you to Neha Great Love for many, many years! Many thanks for your good work! Thank you for the joy that you grant to us!
Sorry my English...