Friday, February 27, 2009

Can this debate stop now?!

Slumdog Millionaire was made, released and won accolades all over the world. We had a great contribution in the project and Indian talent was showcased on the biggest stage of the world. I wish A.R Rehman, Gulzar sahab and everyone who contributed in the success of the film.

Even after this journey of success, the debate on whether the West cashes on Indian poverty or not, is still on. We are in no way ready to accept that the ones who have been recognized have represented the whole nation and most importantly the film industry. But sadly, we are wasting our energies in pulling their legs. How do we prove that their recognition is not theirs? The same rotten debate is continuing on the relation between poverty and the so called cashiers of poverty.

I feel ashamed on witnessing such an intense hatred among people. If today someone has been acknowledged, there is a possibility of you being credited for something some day. And even if this doesn’t happen, remember that Satyajit Ray, Bhanu Athaiyya and the whole crew of Slumdog Millionaire has brought laurels to the Indian film industry and its music. But there are many who are envious of this glory.

This was a complain that I wanted to make here and take out my worries
hence. I have loads of love and wishes for Rehman, Rasul, Gulzar sahab and all the artists of the film, which I am offering through my blog. Kindly accept them.

I want that whosoever read this, kindly praise the glory of the actors of the film. Only then would their achievements be recognized as success.

With this…
Manoj Bajpayee


Kishan said...

Good to see that you are feeling proud as every Indian should for what our guys achieved at Oscar.

I stay very close to where Oscars are held and I so wanted to meet Rahman and Anil kapoor and wish them. Too bad, the security stopped us way beyond the street.

Unknown said...

Namaskar Manoj ji,

All the bad-mouth by the indians on the slumdog is not against the talent. we as indian are always proud of the talent indians have whether osccar comittee recogmnises it or nor. But the fact is the naive attitude of the some english foolish to abuse indians Its is the same attempt as when britishers used to say 'indian and dogs not allowed'. You are an Indian yourself tell me is it possible for you keep a title which could hurt feelings of more then thousand people. I Am sure you will not and you will reconsider. But these people have always done many times by carving allah on shoes or by putting genesh and rama pics on tiolets or underwears they always try to insult indian and other religions and civilisations only because we give too much value to them and there reviews. why i never know. Our talent is the product of great civilisation. a civilisation which has produced tansen at times when western world was wild as beasts. So nothing against our talent but sure our foolishness to get applous from white race.

any ways every indian has its right to think of his own..


Simran said...
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Simran said...

My congratulations to the Indian team!!! Wow!!! Yes!!! It's a Great!!! India better than anyone!!! I am happy for India!!! I with you!!! India,ahead !!!Forever!! Chak de india!!! Good luck! God bless!!!