Saturday, March 7, 2009

The quest is on…

The first schedule of Rajneeti ended in Bhopal today. I’m planning to return to Mumbai now after having a great time there. For the first time in life, I worked with Nana Patekar, Ajay Devgan, Arjun Rampal, Dayashankar Pande and Chetan and the wholesome experience was amazing. We struggled through shots but as always, I tried to put in my best efforts and energy to the scenes.

It usually happens that by the time you reach the hotel, you are mentally exhausted. Also, you need to be fit and hence exercising becomes important. It’s physically stressing. The busy schedule doesn’t allow any relaxations, but we need to work. Doing something that I am is something I had always dreamed about. And how many people in this world are doing things they desire? I really feel blessed in this context.

I’m meeting a good friend of mine, Vijay Jajauria. Vijay stays in Bhopal and we studied together at Delhi University. I have not been able to meet him since a long time owing to the distance between Mumbai and Bhopal. Last time when we met was when I was shooting for Shool in Bhopal. Whenever I come to shoot Rajneeti, I meet him and his family and I really feel so happy for him. He’s content with his family life and business life. He has seen enough of Delhi and Mumbai, but was always connected to Bhopal. He wanted peace and serenity more than anything, which is why he chose to live in Bhopal. Vijay is where he wanted to be and I’m so proud of him.

I’m going through such a phase in my life where I feel like living outside Mumbai. I love shooting in small towns and meeting people there. Seemingly big cities don’t appeal to me anymore but living in a city like Mumbai is a prerequisite for someone in a profession like me. So no choices.

I’m in a constant quest for searching peace and I’m sure that I’ll find a way out soon.

With this…

Manoj Bajpayee


Unknown said...

manoj plz.leave the film industry as u are failed in ur all entering in film industry need a gud looking which u r plz i m offering u a job at my bakery as sales man.if u want plz.let me kno.

Abdul Rahman Ansari Writes said...

Manoj Sirjee,

I Am A R Ansari from North America.How are you Manoj Sir

I have seen all of your films.Sir I Especially loved your film Shool and I Lied your performance in the film.

Sir I have started blogging my blog address is

Please visit my Blog and post your comments it really means a lot to me what yo think about me as a young boy.

Manoj Sir you have said something in an interview which I also say most of the time work harder to achieve your goal and ambition.

Right now I don't have anything to do in my life I mean no goal as of now.

I Am studying here but also missing my country India a lot.

Lots of Love and Keep Smiling

A R Ansari


hi manoj i had always wondered why u n prakash jha had not done any movie till now. anyway better late than never and this seems a great project with an enormous starcast.i hope u have a substantial role in the movie.i am a big fan of ur work n have seen all ur released the way do u have any scenes with katrina in the movie.

Unknown said...

hi manoj
u were excellent in jugad . i loved to watch it . coud u tell me abt ur role in RAJNEETI.

mitthu said...

The quest is on....

Look, the small city and funy persons are waiting for you in Bihar. Try to shoot your every films in Bihar. it is possible, try to do it...

I think, bihari persons are more then loveable then other states. I am also bihari.

Bhawesh Chand