Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My fidgety taste buds….

I am in Bhopal presently, shooting the last schedule of ‘Rajneeti’. During the whole shoot of this film too much indulgence in food prevailed. Though I sometimes exercised too but wondered about the restlessness of my tongue. In Bhopal, every other day we are treated with chicken biryani or a mutton dish. The end of a day’s lunching is immediately followed by planning the other day’s menu. It seems that I am failingly trying to keep my weight in control; reason being the uncertainty behind coming back to Bhopal for shooting again. After almost two and a half years of leaving smoking have I been able to enjoy the real taste of food. And it feels great. It wasn’t so when I was a smoker.

I’d be back to promoting ‘Jail’ afer ‘Rajneeti’ is over. In ‘Jail’, I am playing the character of a jail inmate who’s awarded a life sentence and has left all his hopes to God.

When Madhur offered me this film, I was ready to work in it already without even knowing the story because we have known each other since the days of our struggle. He used to assist Ram Gopal Verma and had also started searching independent work for himself. And I was shooting for Daud with Ram Gopal Verma. We have been great together and ‘Jail’ is certainly a great film.

Madhur makes mainstream films only but his choice of subjects and direction apparently reflects into a film differently and effectively. I find his films confronting the society and I quite like that approach and treatment. I know his film shall be liked by the audiences and now it would be interesting to see the number of people who’ll go watch the movie. I wish Madhur and the team good luck and success. Viewers will have a huge say in the success of ‘Jail’. Watch ‘Jail’ and feel free to appreciate and criticize.

With this…
Manoj Bajpayee


Unknown said...

Hallo Mr Manoj mahoday,

How are you doing?
Please take care of your food habit & health which is very imp to you and to your admirers. I didnt see the last blog write up, dont know whether its been uploaded wrongly or what? Please let me know...If possible?
Well!..Thank you for your recent blog.I always check & keep eye on ur blog but due to very busy research activity & schedule, am not able to make comment on each blog as usuallly people do. Hope you understand me! As I have already mentioned and again reiterate that I realy enjoy it to read what you are doing. You are not only one of the greatest actor of the time, you also are a man down to earth..and what ever achieved in life is just dint of hard word, dedication & descipline!
Thank you for the opportunity to read what are you doing where ever you are.....And of course to up date all in blog.....!
recently I have atched all the promos and review of JAIL! Awesome one.. Just waiting to get it's released here at Hong Kong so that I can watch it with my friends...!
Further, As usual I believe Mr Jha(Prakash) is one of the brillient indigenious director of the country & Indian cinema, hence I do hope that your character, role and looks all will make the movie an extra ordinary and no doubt it will be another hit movie in your cap.. So I am eagerly looking forward & waiting anxiously to watch the movie called "RAJNEETI", .....I love to watch our Legend movie, and it will rock one more time !!
So, again..please take care of your health undr controlled food habit. We simply love you and support you till the end..... We love you ....and keep loving you!
And..All the best for fourth comming "RAJNEETI" Mr Bajpayee!! I am sure it'll be a huge success. You rock..as always....with great magnified & filtered intensity!!
To us, you are like a mirror that we always have to look at to gauge how magnificence, humility, courage and love can be combined in one man’s treasure. My dear MB, just keep on warding off the darkness of ignorance, of anger, of temptations, with the light of your wisdom, love and freedom. May you continue to be a guidance and inspiration for all. Amen!

Spread the light!
With Endless Love & prayers

May God bless your for good health & longevity of life.

Dr.rer.nat. Ram-Krishna THAKUR
Sr. Scientist,
Experimental Physics & Nano-Technology,
The Hong Kong Uni of Science & Technology, Hong Kong

Pawan Meraj said...

^jail^ ke liye badhai, lekin kuchh log vakai .... khair kabhi vakt mile to ise bhi padh lijiyega www.darasalyoon.blogspot.com
vaise mudde bahut se hain lekin ek ye bhi hai