Friday, September 5, 2008

Bappa Morya...

I had come back home early yesterday, by 6 in the evening. Took my laptop and started reading some of the comments of my last post, I felt all my friends and fans were disturbed after watching flood visuals from Bihar. I was still on the laptop, there were sounds of drum and trumpet, I realized that Ganpati Utsav has begin and a day Ganpati is going out for Visarjan.

Really, this kind of atmosphere in this month gives a spiritual happiness. During this period in Mumbai, there is a kind of competition to visit Ganpati temples and Mandals. As, I was in these thoughts, my mother called me from Delhi and told that she wants to have three day Ganpati this time.She has been a religious person, who keeps on wishing so that she could be indulge in religious activities. She was asking me about rituals of Ganpati Puja. Ganpati Puja has been a part of Maharashtra's culture and she is totally ignorant about this.

I also don't know much about these rituals. I am a simple man, who believes in simple kind of worship. Well, all these festivals and Pujas bring people closer undoubtedly. I wonder, this is the start of festival season that keeps on going till the end of the year. Whether it is of any religion; be it Ganpati, Ramzan, Diwali, Chhat, Dashahra or Christmas.

It seems that all the religions follow the same path to say good bye to the year. All pray to god during these festivals. I also pray to Ganpati to solve the misery of flood affected Bihar's people. God gives them strength to over come all the difficulties and adverse times.

So, on the closing note, we all say Ganpati Bappa Morya...

Manoj Bajpayee


G Vishwanath said...

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi !

In the south too we celebrate with great gusto and devotion.

In addition we also overeat!

Keep writing.
G Vishwanath, JP Nagar, Bangalore

Unknown said...


come to know yday only that you too have a blog...

read your posts about flood... natural calamaties are the things we cant fight much...

really lets pray to god to help the poor people...


RajeevPriyadarshi said...

Hello Manoj Ji,
It is an absolute pleasure to see someone from Bihar reaching the heights you have achieved. I am also from Bihar, currently working in US.

It is really inspiring to see your versatility in movies from Satya to Shool. I have seen a lot of your movies and what strikes me is your intensity. I'd definitely like to talk to you, whenever your kind self could spare a couple of minutes.

I have read your biography, but it would be a true honor to have a phone conversation with you. I'd also like to invite you to United States. People like yourself, Shekhar Suman, Prakash Jha, Udit Narayan and Shatrughan Sinha have made a tremendous mark in this industry. If there is some way, we could leverage your success and fame to create a movement to help people back home in Bihar.

Best Regards,

Nilkamal said...

Hi Manoj Bhaiya,

I came to know abt ur blog from some comments abt Bihar Flood Relief in BIG B Blog.

Good to hear that u ,Prakash jee & other film personalties are trying to help as much as u can.

As u i also don't believe in number game but i can't help my self and will have to admit that i rate u only second to BIG B no one else as an actor.

My good wishes for you & ur family.

Aapka Chota Bhai,

A Hindu said...

Manojji, I came across your blog today while searching for fundraising for Bihar flood. I am so thrilled to see you connected with general public through a click of mouse. The news of flooding and the plight of children has totally touched my family's heart. Through our non- profit organization we worked over the weekend to raise funds for Bihar relief.
I would like to know if we could invite you to California for a program and raise more funds that would go to Bihar flood campaign. Indian community in California is not very familiar with Bihar and this would give them a reason to feel connected and donate to our countrymen.
What do you say?
My e-mail is
but please when you moderate this comment please do not post my e-mail for privacy reasons.
Thanks in advance..