Monday, January 26, 2009

Maiden Republic Day celebration in the new building

Wishing everyone a very Happy Republic Day. May our country stand again and walk on path of peace forever. I wish that may our Prime Minister recover quickly and retain the service of our nation.

I attended my society’s meeting today. It feels great as I’m able to meet everyone and can also learn about the maintenance and other issues of the building. We hoisted the flag today and sang the National Anthem. The Republic Day got registered as the first Republic Day I celebrated in this building.

It has been an year now in the new building and everything seems so fine. Every year my home shifts that now no wall seems like a home anymore. Where there is family, there is home. This is a conflict of a city and its residents equally. They change houses one after the other but what remains is the family and objects of old memory. This is a city life and this is how life moves on. Today someone asked me if I’ll be living in this house or would leave it as well. ‘I don’t know’ was my inadvertent answer.

I think so because may be I never accepted any place other than my own village as my abode. But I’m happy. I’m happy because God has always showered his blessings on me and you people have always been around and loved me. My family has been there throughout. This means everything to me, so much that a four walled structure doesn’t matter.

On the occasion of Republic Day, I heartily wish you all and want your wishes too.

With this

Manoj Bajpayee


Unknown said...

Hello Manoj,

I am your fan since the time oyu played the role of Sunil Verma.

I would love to hear your views on the general perception of people (specially our youth) that agriculture is not a decent field to get into. Not to mention that our 65% of GDP is contributed by Agri-based sector.

I amnot sure if this is your real blog website. but i would love to see the response.


Shiraz said...

Salam Manoj Pah G
I m Shiraz from Islamabad Pakistan I m ur fan from ur i think 1st movie Satya.But now a days u r not working that kind of good ghunda roles.
I think u were the best selection for the Shootout at lokhandwala. but i dont know why dont they select you for the role of MAYA.
Yar i m waiting for yr film in future like Satya.

karuna said...

ab aapwali devdas ka intezzar hai

Sridhar Mayur said...

Waiting for Jugaad and specially Rajneethi where you will be with Nana and Naseer saab, would be a great watch! please pass on the message to them that We are waiting for all you three guys ultimate combo...WOW! Thanks Prakash Jha....and Thank you Bhikuji...